Okay anyway folks, it's time for a new blog post starring yours truly: The Incredibly Handsome, Super Badass, and Extraordinarily Humble, MattmanDude!

So anyway, I want to tell you all about this funny new thing I have started doing! Recently, I started to pretend to be Christopher Walken. I do a fairly decent and yet humorously crappie impersonation of him... so me and my JSSG clan mates have started to invade random servers, with the name attached to me. It's pretty friggin' hilarious. On occasion I have actually gotten people to believe that I really was Christopher Walken. I also sometimes (when they realize that I am not Christopher Walken) pretend to be the guy from the YouTube web series Christopher Walkenthrough. <--- Click that name to check it out.

This has actually worked several times now, and is pretty funny. If you would like to see a somewhat humorous video on some of the strange antics that happened one time, check out the video below.

Anyways, that's all folks.

Cya'll later.

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